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The 29,900 euro all included package for Surrogacy with unlimited attempts and guarantee!
Egg donation from 4,900 euro – 9,900 euro with unlimited attempts and guarantee!
You don`t pay anything else but flight tickets! All the medical services, accommodation, food and car transfer are included!
Just in BioTexCom you can choose your donor by photo!
There are different programs of Egg donation and Surrogacy provided by the clinic.
All kinds of facilities provided and careful assistance will make you feel comfortable during all the procedure! With our highly professional personnel you get the highest chances to become happy parents!
To increase chances of pregnancy we prefer to work with blastocysts (embryo transfer on the 5th day).
We provide health and young surrogate mothers who meet all the medical requirements needed for the program.
In BioTexCom donor’s eggs are not divided among several patients. Each patient gets her own donor.
You are very welcome to ask any question you have!
Donor Eggs/Embryos
Blastocyst Transfer
Embryo Freezing
04107, Kiev, Ukraine
2/6 Otto Schmidt Str.
Phone No. + 44-203-129-9101
Phone No. + 380976041129



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