62' Viking 62 Convertible (TBD) 2021

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  • 06.06.2020 09:58:01
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  • 2021
  • Viking

The 2021 VIKING YACHTS 62 CONVERTIBLE is a showpiece in the Viking tradition with a fusion of leading-edge engineering and high-quality craftsmanship. To optimize its strength to weight ratio, the composite cored hull of the VIKING YACHTS 62 CONVERTIBLE is resin infused with a high modulus of Dupont’s Kevlar, carbon fiber and knitted fiberglass laminates selected to reduce weight while increasing the overall physical properties of the structure. Similarly, interior stateroom and hanging locker doors, as well as cabinet fronts throughout the yacht incorporate honeycomb coring for further weight reduction. The 2021 VIKING 62 CONVERTIBLE also has recessed engine cooling water pickups, refined propeller pocket entry to enhance flow to the five-bladed wheels for reduced noise with better traction, and modified architecture to the struts and rudders adding to an efficient running surface.


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